Geo-mountain transports you to a whimsical world crafted with customized geometries, a vibrant mix of colors and shapes, and each mountain with its own playful personality. The animated landscapes reveal the fun formation of these mountains, creating a delightful journey where nature and imagination come together in a playful dance of fun and wonder.


Milago Hills

In this magical place, the ground under your feet is delightfully squishy, and the warmth wraps around you like a cozy hug. Your boots are now coated with bright orange mud, adding a unique twist to your journey. The landscape boasts small green hills adorned with swaying grass, forming a relaxed boundary between you and the tranquil lake. Under a clear sky, the air holds a happy, humid touch, as the plants gently sway in the breeze. With a curious glance, you'll spot a fisherman's cabin, snugly hidden like a secret clubhouse, and a light boat resting on the calm waters, ready for some water adventures. It's a place of charming exploration, just waiting for you to find its hidden treasures. 


Chilltop Chateau

At the very top of the mountain, it's like a winter wonderland! The mountain is covered in snow, like a cozy hat, and the clouds add a soft, playful touch. The cold weather turns the mountain a little blue, with layers of hills and big bushes making a fun puzzle to explore. When you breathe out, it's like you're a friendly dragon, puffing out clouds of mist. Brr, it's cold up here! Down at the bottom of the mountain, some brave tufts of grass peek through the snow. And guess what? There's a warm mountain house waiting for you, and in the garden, an empty cart just right for imaginary races. It's a chilly playground for all your winter adventures.


Redstone Rhytm Ridge

In this ever-changing place, the mountain often hides under a cloudy sky, sending light rain to keep the river flowing. The plants and trees look pretty, like they've been carefully shaped by nature. At the mountain's base, there's a charming little lake with tiny waterfalls that move gently. The ground is covered with red stones and sand, adding a touch of color. When the sun comes out after the rain, it paints the earth in warm, red shades. When you step outside your snug lakeside house, it feels just like home, nestled in this mountain paradise. It's a spot full of delightful surprises, inviting you to explore the ever-changing beauty of the great outdoors.



Zephyr Peaks

In this big mountain area, the wind is the boss, making everything move and come alive. The clouds zip by, and the trees and plants dance to the wind's beat. You'll hear the wind's soothing sound as you explore. In one part, it's super dry with hot sun and bushes that waltz in the heat. Go a bit higher, and you'll find a green spot with lots of plants and trees, plus a cozy treehouse to rest in. Even at the tippy-top, there's no snow, but you'll feel the temperature change between the dry, green, and mountain peak. It's a land where everything keeps changing, and each step is a new part of nature's story.



Thorn Haven Hills

In this wild Western hillscape, the ground is dry and feels like a desert, with only prickly plants surviving. The trails show signs of horses and folks with big hats who've passed through. Water is scarce, the sun's super hot, and you could almost cook an egg on the sizzling rocks. The dusty wind adds to the rough charm of this rugged land, where the spirit of the Wild West meets the harsh elements. It's an adventure through a challenging, yet captivating, terrain.



Artist: Yonito Tanu

Millago Hills-Music: Jordi Llamas

© 2024 by Yonito Tanu.