"Computer generated imagery has the uniqueness to create the impossible."


Hunky-dunky is an artist's studio by Yonito Tanu since 2016. Yonito Tanu is a multidisciplinary artist from Indonesia who is currently based in Valencia, Spain.

After a consolidated career in award winning advertising agencies and creative studios, he started Hunky-dunky, a place for him to create his personal project and to work profesionally.

Provided with creativity, knowledge and experience, he aims to express and to constantly evolve his own personal stamp through his creations.

The Statement

As an artist who navigates the boundless possibilities of digital realms, my practice is defined not by a singular style but by an exploration of diverse narratives and themes through the medium of 3D software and Render. Each project is a journey into a new territory, a testament to the versatility and depth that digital art can offer. My work is a conversation with the world, reflecting on varied topics that pique my curiosity and urge to express.

In my studio, creativity flows as I blend technical skill with imaginative vision, using the precision of digital tools to give life to ideas that are as varied as life itself. This approach allows me to not only experiment with form and color but also to delve into complex concepts, making each piece a unique exploration. From the tangible to the abstract, my art seeks to evoke emotions, provoke thought, and inspire dialogue.

The lack of a fixed style is, in itself, my signature. It represents a commitment to growth, learning, and adaptation. It’s about being open to the world's complexity, embracing the multitude of experiences it offers, and reflecting this diversity back through the art I create. My aim is to build bridges between the digital and the real, between ideas and emotions, crafting pieces that resonate on a personal level with viewers, inviting them into a shared space of exploration and understanding.

In essence, my art is a celebration of possibility. It is an ongoing narrative of discovery, where each project contributes to a larger dialogue about what digital art can be and how it connects us to the broader human experience.


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